Hyundai Grandeur 2023

The new model of Hyundai, produced in the seventh generation, created the impression of a flagship. The design, interior design features and comfort of the renewed model, whose technical features were not disclosed, managed to attract attention. The new version of the model known as Azera throughout the world, the 2023 Chassis Hyundai Grandeur, took on a completely different face and aroused the feeling of being recreated. The LED coating, which creates a light signature on the front, creates the line that integrates technology with art, with vertically placed headlights and a parametric jewel-like grille. The profile stance reflects a brand new silhouette. The glossy black details used on the wide rims in bi-colours give a striking air and reflect the elegant elegance. By using the hidden door, which is preferred in electric vehicles, it creates an aesthetic touch that does not protrude outside the vehicle. The front panel shows the technological impact with its digital display